Book Discussion with Jeff Zeleny | Washington, D.C. | April 23

Book Discussion with Cam Simpson and Jeff Zeleny for THE GIRL FROM KATHMANDU

Monday, April 23rd 6:30pm

Kramerbooks & Afterwords | A Café

1517 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Just Above Dupont Circle  •  Q St. Metro Exit

Bookstore 202 387 1400

Café Reservations 202 387 3825


From a top Bloomberg correspondent comes the shocking story of the massacre of a group of Nepalese men working as Defense contractors for the United States Government during the Iraq War, and the widow who dedicated her life to finding justice for her husband and the other victims. The Girl from Kathmandu is a riveting tale of courageous heroes, corporate war profiteers, international business, exploitation, trafficking, and human rights in the age of global capitalism that reveals how modern power truly works.

CAM SIMPSON is a London-based writer and journalist. He is currently the senior international correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek in London, and Bloomberg News. Previously, he worked for the Wall Street Journal, with posts in the Middle East and Washington, and as a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune where he was responsible for covering US foreign policy and investigative projects in Washington and overseas.

JEFF ZELENY serves as CNN’s senior White House correspondent, covering the Trump administration with a focus on President Trump’s pivotal role in the 2018 midterm election campaign for all of the network’s programs and platforms. This is the third consecutive presidency Zeleny has covered, traveling across the country and around the world with George W. Bush and Barack Obama.